The Sukman Memorial Polyclinic provides basic health care including; Pharmacy, xray, simple lab work and the services of a Doctor, nurse, and midwife.  Our ambulance service is available for those cases too severe for the clinic.   In 2019 we establish are establishing a regional “Birthing Center” in Kumari.

In a joint effort between Health & Ed 4 Nepal and the University of Utah/Dr. Berhard Fassl, the Clinic has implemented a program, aimed at making the clinic self-sustaining.  The new services have resulted in increases in patients, and income. In addition, the community awareness and education program has improved our standing in the community. Sorenson Legacy Foundation is sponsoring the two-year program of Dr. Fassl.  But the Kumari is desperately poor and the clinic may still require outside support for several years.  We are making great strides toward self-sufficiency, but we have a long way to go.  If you can help us, please consider a donation

In 2013 we opened “The Sukman Memorial Polyclinic” in the Kumari with Jagat Lama and his NGO – Health and Education for Nepal (HEN).  The medical clinic serves 60,000 local people, most of whom have no access to western medicine. The clinic has a pharmacy, a lab, exam rooms and quarters for the staff.

Since the opening of the clinic we have:

  • Provided basic medical services to thousands of local patients.
  • Opened a temporary mobile clinic after the earthquake to help people injured in the earthquake
  • Acted as a distribution point for critical aid for over 2500 families after the earthquake
  • Completed a water project to provide clean water for the clinic and nearby school.
  • Held several special medical and dental camps to provide free service for the most needy
  • Held a special eye surgery camp and treated 100 elderly patients.
  • Hosted several interns from the Colorado School of public Health at the University of Northern Colorado, promoting health education for women in the Kumari.

To continue to move toward sustainability, the clinic added:

  • A part time doctor to support the existing clinic staff
  • Additional equipment and supplies to the clinic to include; x-ray, and sonogram.
  • Provide Dental and Eye care
  • Continue to provide Health Camps bring western medicine to the Kumari, and introducing the western Doctors and volunteers to the Kumari people

The work in Nepal for the people of the Kumari, had taken enormous strides.  We have opened doors for the people that they never imagined.  But we are not done.  The objective has always been to create a “self-sustaining” facility in the Kumari.  With the right kind of support the people of the Kumari will thrive and one day manage their own medical care.  Until then we need to continue to support intelligent investments, in education, infrastructure, and medical services.

This is why we have to keep the clinic going

In 2009 Dr. Douglas B. Mckeag told me he had just examined a man with a 50 lb. scrotal sack. We sponsored this man’s trip to the hospital and Jagat Lama reported today ” . One of guy he had his eggs surgery in the health camp. He is now 100 years old”.  And this is why we have to keep the clinic going THEN ……………………………………………………. NOW


Health and Education for Nepal