Our Friends

The following non-profit organizations have been established to support funding for the Health and Education projects described on this web site. They are:

  • “Health & Ed 4 Nepal” is a US non-profit organization
  • “Health and Education for Nepal” is our sister Nepalie non-profit organization

Guides from the Kumari district have formed “Health and Education for Nepal” to coordinate the work in Kumari and raise additional funds to support the infrastructure work being done there. For information and donations, their website may be accessed at: Health and Education for Nepal.

If you would like to do a trek in Nepal, a percentage of the guide’s trekking service profits will be directed toward the Kumari Medical Center and School (if requested). Following are links to the trekking web site and for direct email correspondence.

Email: info@independent-trekkingguide-nepal.com
Website: www.independent-trekkingguide-nepal.com

  • image002fPeople of Kumari at a local meeting to talk about the Kumari Medical Clinic
  • image004fJagat (President of “Health and Education for Nepal”) and his extended family.
  • image006fChet – Guide from Kumari and support effort coordinator.
  • image008fKanche – Guide and supports effort coordinator.

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Health and Education for Nepal