The education goal of “Health & Ed 4 Nepal” is to provide opportunities for the people of Kumari District that improves the lives of people through literacy and learning. These opportunities will be implemented through scholarships for students, advanced training for teachers, micro loans, and various grants recommended from our sister organization in Nepal.

Our focus for 2019 is on making Shree Bikash School a “Center of Excellence” and expand support for students at the school to attend the Secondary schools for grades 8-12.

“Health & Ed 4 Nepal” has provided funding to:

  • 2018
    • Started the “Center of Excellence” concept.
    • Providing Internet Infrastructure to the Kumari area to assist in education and health needs.
    • Provided connections and computers for medical out reach program
    • Provided HDR, SBA, and Nurses training scholarship for Clinic Personel
    • Built a new building with 4 class rooms.
    • Granted Scholarships for 2 students who wish to teach in Kumari.
    • Cafeteria and school lunch start up funding.
    • Provided funding for winter jackets for students.
  • Since inception in 2008
    • Built Shree Bikash Lower Secondary School with modern construction an 8 class room building, toilets, library, cafeteria
    • Built a new women’s training center
    • Scholarships for Clinic, and Educational personnel.
      • Lab technician, Pharmacist, PA, Mid-wife and nurses.
      • English, Computer Science, and Math teachers…
    • Sponsored development programs.
      • Health Education programs and books.
      • First aid training program.
      • Sponsored Health Student graduates to live in Kumari
    • Sponsored Women’s Center
      • Grants for equipment, buildings, special training
    • 2015 – Earthquake Relief: Food, Fuel, Tents, Tin, etc
    • And More….

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Health and Education for Nepal