Center of Excellence

For the 2018-2019 School year Health & Ed 4 Nepal brought the internet into Kumari and with the capability to connect to other schools in the area. Our focus was on making the Shree Bikash School a “Center of Excellence”, by introducing into the school a computer lab and hiring a computer architect teacher, and supplement the other teachers salaries so the school personnel could set up a computer assisted school environment.

“Health & Ed 4 Nepal’s” objectives are :

  • To support and mentor Shree Bikash school as a “Center of Excellence” for the area that other schools in kumari can go there and learn from their experience with computers.
  • To help school teachers improve their quality of teaching by access to the internet, online training and integrate computers into their curriculum.
  • To help students by increasing their enthusiasm for education and knowledge by computer access and technology.
  • To help Adults who can benefit with online education courses.

In 2018 the computer teacher was hired, the lab set up, and classes have begun. In 2019-2020 we plan to continue supporting the “Center of Excellence” concept by pursuing expansion of opportunities for children to continue on into higher education from Shree Bikash by offering financial assistance to families that cannot afford High School fee’s and thus, drop out of the education process.

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