Many want to help with tents.   Here are jagat thoughts.

“My thought, looks Tent solution looks like not better solutions if all tents are like in the attached picture. These types of Tents (He showed small back packing tents) won’t be worth for Kumari families and will be much better to spend for Tin.

I have attached some pictures of tents which I wish to have for Kumari people. Even, these types of tents also only for short term solution during for monsoon. Long term solution will be Tins roof and it will depend, how much we have money. Actually my ideas, lets bring some bigger tents(if possible) then some Tarps and rest of invest would be good ideas to see Tins options to the Kumari families. ” So if you are taking tents these type tents would help the most.   Other tents will be used.

tent 2



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