(1) Bob Nielsen

We wanted to let everyone know that Jagat passes along to everyone who has donated or helped raise donations a big thank you from him and all the people of Kumari. Your donations are helping feed these people and provide them help with supplies to sustain life, including tin for roofs, tents, tarps, blankets, fuel and medicine. We feel grateful and blessed to have had so many donate and help. We realize though that the need is ongoing and especially food and medicine gets consumed and more is needed. Please continue to help us with donations. We have sent everything donated to date to the people in Kumari. Jagat is doing a fantastic job of acquiring what is needed and getting it to the people. They are appreciative beyond measure. Thank you and thanks for hanging in there for the long haul. Please continue to let family and friends know of our needs and please direct them to https://www.healthanded4nepal.org/ for donations. Thanks, Phil Robertson and the HealthandEd4Nepal board of directors.