Medial mission sent off

A Medial mission has been sent off, friday, It was a frenzy of activity and is still going on. A thanks everyone who has been a part of this Brynn Singh, Drew Forester,Sean O’Connor, Stephen Mickelson, Susan Ferrier, David Ryan Barlow Ed Smart, The portland team, The Colorado Team, The Utah team. Dr. McKeag and son team (I would like to get his name) Mark Lou and the california team supporting him. and all the people from a number of countries who have sent in donations.

As Stated on Healthanded4nepal website
Medical supplies for kumari arrives at airport, repackaged and tag to start their trip with Mark Lui as part of “operation hope” 3 person medical team with medical supplies, water purifiers, solar equipment, will meet up with Jagat and tents, food, blankets and head to kumari. Please burn a candle and say a prayer all will come together on “operation hope”.

I called it “Operation hope” because it is the first aid that will arrive in Kumari. And it will show that people care and give a glimpse of hope.

Thank everyone again, for many things that are aiding, those who made the video’s, set up the interviews with Television and Newspapers, Those who have shared the information, Those who have contributed.

There still a long ways to go as we figure out and learn from Jagat and the Medical Team. What is needed for immediate aid and what is needed for rebuilding the community and how we can help.