Will start entering info on the Blog as I learn it.

My Plan is to enter information as I hear or get it on this blog.  So HE4N can keep people informed.

Today we received an email from the PA (physicians Assistant) in the clinic.   Short and to the point.

————-Begin Msg.

Luckily We are all safe.We lost our houses and foods .All people are
living with safety and trying to be live.No communication to reach
here.Everything damaged.We lost our hospital and all equipment.All
people are living in open sky. It’s been 3 days hitting by earthquake
and heavy rain with landslide here.
We are trying to get help from every where.Plz we just can
request to you to help us for foods and houses if you have any more
helping hands.
At this time I’m In kathmandu to bring some medicine and hands to
help for injured.I’m going back hurry,Keep in touch with Jagat.

————— end Msg ———————

HE4N has heard that people in relief organizations just 7 kilometers out side  can not get supplies.   So to a remote area like Kumari HE4N believes there will be no immediate relief.  Except what the individuals with in the HEN organization can do.

HE4N had sent them funds to keep the clinic operation until Oct. prior to the earthquake.   so we believe they have some funds to get some medical and emergency supplies if they can find a way to get them but not enough funds for a disaster of this proportion.


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