Notes from Bob Nielsen

Here is the list Jagat provided for each of us to bring for the Medical Camp

-Pair boots it will be enough by normal boots
-Pair lightweight trekking sandals
-Pairs thin walking socks
-Pairs lightweight trekking trousers must be water proof as well.
-Trekking shirts
-Fleece jumper
-Set lightweight thermals to the night
-North Face Waterproof Jacket (Preferably)(Rain Cots)
-Personal wash kit (include fabric washing solution)
-Pack tissues and wet wipes and liquid detergent
-Pair sunglasses
-Camera and films (we can charge our Cameras by our power line)
-Head torch and spare batteries

-Hand towels

-Teeth brush, soap etc (but, we can buy)
-Sleeping bag can be (normal will enough)

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