Many want to help with tents.   Here are jagat thoughts.

“My thought, looks Tent solution looks like not better solutions if all tents are like in the attached picture. These types of Tents (He showed small back packing tents) won’t be worth for Kumari families and will be much better to spend for Tin.

I have attached some pictures of tents which I wish to have for Kumari people. Even, these types of tents also only for short term solution during for monsoon. Long term solution will be Tins roof and it will depend, how much we have money. Actually my ideas, lets bring some bigger tents(if possible) then some Tarps and rest of invest would be good ideas to see Tins options to the Kumari families. ” So if you are taking tents these type tents would help the most.   Other tents will be used.

tent 2




(1) Bob Nielsen

We wanted to let everyone know that Jagat passes along to everyone who has donated or helped raise donations a big thank you from him and all the people of Kumari. Your donations are helping feed these people and provide them help with supplies to sustain life, including tin for roofs, tents, tarps, blankets, fuel and medicine. We feel grateful and blessed to have had so many donate and help. We realize though that the need is ongoing and especially food and medicine gets consumed and more is needed. Please continue to help us with donations. We have sent everything donated to date to the people in Kumari. Jagat is doing a fantastic job of acquiring what is needed and getting it to the people. They are appreciative beyond measure. Thank you and thanks for hanging in there for the long haul. Please continue to let family and friends know of our needs and please direct them to https://www.healthanded4nepal.org/ for donations. Thanks, Phil Robertson and the HealthandEd4Nepal board of directors.


Medial mission sent off

A Medial mission has been sent off, friday, It was a frenzy of activity and is still going on. A thanks everyone who has been a part of this Brynn Singh, Drew Forester,Sean O’Connor, Stephen Mickelson, Susan Ferrier, David Ryan Barlow Ed Smart, The portland team, The Colorado Team, The Utah team. Dr. McKeag and son team (I would like to get his name) Mark Lou and the california team supporting him. and all the people from a number of countries who have sent in donations.

As Stated on Healthanded4nepal website
Medical supplies for kumari arrives at airport, repackaged and tag to start their trip with Mark Lui as part of “operation hope” 3 person medical team with medical supplies, water purifiers, solar equipment, will meet up with Jagat and tents, food, blankets and head to kumari. Please burn a candle and say a prayer all will come together on “operation hope”.

I called it “Operation hope” because it is the first aid that will arrive in Kumari. And it will show that people care and give a glimpse of hope.

Thank everyone again, for many things that are aiding, those who made the video’s, set up the interviews with Television and Newspapers, Those who have shared the information, Those who have contributed.

There still a long ways to go as we figure out and learn from Jagat and the Medical Team. What is needed for immediate aid and what is needed for rebuilding the community and how we can help.


April 29 communication with Jagat

Long Post

Notes from Jagat and ellen on needs

Below in notes and email’s are information for doctors, and medical list of supplies needed.   HE4N will post the list on their web site.  I have posted communications on Healthanded4Nepal.org/blog website so those who need it can get it.

Jagat “Need about 5000 sleeping Tents, blankets about 10,000,  Medicines and foods. Foods are Dal(lentil), Rice, salt, sugar, Kerosene etc. These all we can buy here in Nepal.”

So spread the word we needs lots of $. for kumari. HE4N will transfer $25,000 this Morning .

Jagat contact for arriving in Kathmandu.

Jagat “Please, any one who are arriving soonest to Kathmandu airport and sending any friends to Nepal, let me know or call me at this number +977-981076386 or leave me message on face book address: 20022003@yahoo.co.uk skype: jagat.lama12”



Jagat email

Our Kumari road is blocked at this moment and we can not drive to Kumari. I hope, Helicopters also not available because, have seen using for rescue and using by securities. So, we need to have high level deals with Embassy of US or India or Nepal Government to take to Kumari our Doctors team. Or we have option to walk and hiking 3/4 hours from highway. We can supply all supplies to near by Kumari and all needy people will come to pick it up from village. We will monitors all records and collect numbers of victims from Kumari.

Recentely, we need about 5000 sleeping Tents, blankets about 10,000,  Medicines and foods. Foods are Dal(lentil), Rice, salt, sugar, Kerosene etc. These all we can buy here in Nepal and just need funds to get it. Medicines, I have sent to Bob sir in previous email by Ellen and we should have more emergency supplies for the injury treat and some social supports and counselling to the children and people. Children and women are the really fearful and whole days they are on to the Hill and doesn’t back to near by home because scaring from the live destroyed buildings and houses.

Please, any one who are arriving soonest to Kathmandu airport and sending any friends to Nepal, let me know or call me at this number +977-981076386 or leave me message on face book address: 20022003@yahoo.co.uk skype: jagat.lama12

Once again, I am in Kathmandu but, my mind is in Kumari every times. I am thinking all the times about my Kumari and clinic building, my 85 years Mom also my home where I got birth about 43 years ago.  Kumari people are in big difficult situation and your all supports and help will big relief at this moment.



============== communication this morning 6:30 am my time.


Let me know how I can help

26 minutes ago

Hi do you want funds do the bank work


Bob sir, Thanks for your kind email and sorry I am not able to response you because, life is really hard now and I am staying with families on the street and didn’t have connection for net and phone.

Yes, Banks are working and today I went to Bank to check the money but wasn’t collected yet. Yes, Ellen also was here in Kathmandu today and was trying to send some funds to them for Kumari



What do you need, people can come, docs can come


I am really worrying and crying every times because, we lost all our clinic building and properties in Kumari

Please, send us doctors and funds as soon as because Kumari needs everything like: Tents, Blankets, Foods and medicines.


So we will send monies this morning

When banks open


We can not drive to Kumari now because, road is damaged. I hope, they have to be ready to hike 3/4 hours from highway or take helicopter to the Kumari. We can supply foods and tents from highway and people will come to pick it up from Kumari.


What should doctors bring



All medications we need and Ellen was sent in his email and all kind of first Aid medication for Kumari

Banks are opening and working.


Our bank does not open for 2 more hours

I think we can send 25,000 $

Monies are coming in


Thanks Bob sir, I will be more than happy and will share to Kumari people for their relief and I will work for the best. I will send them Rice first.

We can buy rice and foods here but, can not buy Tents, Blankets and medicines here


Do you know if they’re letting nonmedical people and to Nepal yet

Into Nepal yet?

This is point I lost connection

==================== only note I saw from Ellen

Sukuman Memorial Policlinic in Kumari, Nuwakot


Medicine List

1.Cap.Fluconazole 150mg

2.Cap.Doxycyclin 100mg

3.Tab.Azithromycin 500mg/200mg

4.Cap.Omeprazole 20mg

5.Tab.Pantoprazole 40mg

6.Tab.Paracetamol 500mg/250mg

7.Tab.Declofenac 100mg/50mg

8.Cap.Tramadol 100mg/50mg

9.Cap.Amoxyclav 625mg

10.Tab.Ibuprofen 400mg/200mg

11.Tab.Ondestron (Anti vomiting)


13.Tab.Codein Phosphate 15mg

14.Tab.Salbutamol in combination dose

15.Tab.Citirizine HCL

16.Tab.Ciprofloxacin 500mg/250mg

17.Tab.Cefixim 400mg/200mg

18.Tab.Ofloxacin 400mg/200mg

19.Cap.Amoxycillin 500mg/250mg

20.Cap.Cloxacillin + Ampicilline (Combination Dose)

21.Cap.Cloxacillin 500mg

22.Cap.B12 (Multivitamins)

23.Cap.Optineuron 1500mg or available dose

24.Tab.Mylod 2.5mg/5mg



  1. Susp.Metro 60ml
  2. Susp.Paracetamol 60ml
  3. Susp.Ped Paracetamol 30ml
  4. Susp.Domperidon 30ml
  5. Dry Sryp.Amoxycillin 100ml/60ml
  6. Dry Sryp.Cefixim 60ml
  7. Sryp.Tus-Q 100ml
  8. Susp.Brica-BM 100ml/60ml
  9. Syrp.Nepex 100ml
  10. Susp.Tupex BR 100ml
  11. Syrp.B12 (Multivitamins)
  12. Susp.Albendazol 10ml
  13. ORSInjections
  1. Inj.Declofenac
  2. Inj.Ondem
  3. Inj.Cynocal
  4. Inj.Cipro
  5. Inj.Oflo
  6. Inj.Amikasin
  7. Inj.Pantoprazol
  8. Inj.Aciloc
  9. Inj.Hydrocortison
  10. Inj.RL
  11. Inj.DNS
  12. Inj.Optineuron
  13. Inj.Ceftriazone
  14. Inj.Dexamethason sodium
  15. Inj.Depo provera
  16. Inj.Ampicillin and Cloxacillin


  1. Medical normal gloves
  2. Surgical gloves
  3. Cannula 18,20,22,24
  4. Syringe 10,5,3ml
  5. Iv set
  6. Foleys Catheter
  7. Uro Bag
  8. Crap Bandage
  9. Medical Tape
  10. Gauze piece and pack and pack
  11. Sanitory pad
  12. Surgical MaskOintment,Gel,Cream
  1. Tendron (Hydrocortisone Acetat Cream)
  2. Betamethasone Dipropionat Cream
  3. Polyderm
  4. Eukrana (Hydroquinone Cream)
  5. Miclogenta
  6. Mirocin (Mupirocin ont)
  7. Soframycin Cream
  8. Dermix oint
  9. Eclospan Cream
  10. Betadine oint
  11. Clobetasol Cream
  12. Calamina Lotion 50ml
  13. Scabez (Gamma Benzine Hexacloride & citirizin HCL)
  14. CHX (Clorhexaidine) Rectified Spirit

Reagents Need for Lab

  • Hematology Reagents


  1. Wright’s stain Reagent
  2. Hemoglobin Reagent
  3. WBC Diluting Fluid
  4. Platelets diluting Fluid
  • Biochemistry Reagents


  1. Creatinine Reagent
  2. SGOT Reagent
  3. SGPT Reagent
  4. Alkaline Reagent
  5. Total Protein Reagent
  6. Urea Reagent
  7. Uric acid Reagent
  8. Albumin Reagent
  9. Glucose Reagent
  10. Bilirubin Reagent
  • Serology Reagents


  1. Widal Reagent
  2. CRP Reagent
  3. ASO Reagent
  4. RA Factor Reagent
  5. VDRL Reagent
  6. TPHA Reagent Note:Plz check this list and try to bring possible are:Physician Assistant
  8. Surya Gurung



Health and Education for Nepal