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In April of 2006, 3 of us traveled to Nepal to trek to the base camp of Everest. We hired a local guide, Jagat Lama who invited us to “spread our footprint over the holy Everest region.”

On our trek through Nepal in April of 2006, we enjoyed our guide tremendously. Jagat told us a story:

When I was working in this trekking as guide, one day, I got very bad news from my village. My Father felt from the Hill and he was living with big injury (effect in heart) without treatment. We didn’t get any medical treatment. I went to see my father at my home after 5 days, he was nearly died and I tried to take him Hospital but, I couldn’t because, it was too late. He died and I cried a, my father also, told me in his final stage, Jagat, you try to be good man and try to help such remote people for those Education and support for medication treatment.. So, I have dream to do some thing for my village and it will be succeed my father dream to contribute for my villagers.


Jagat sketched a health post in our journal and asked if we could help build a health post and improve the school in his village. We said yes not knowing what that really meant but catching a vision of His dream. Since then we have found his dream is like a shooting star across a sky of caring. All we can do is hold on and see where it takes us!

Now “us” has grown to many people who care and have caught this shooting star to help bring to pass this sacred dream.

Some of those involved:

  • Corporate contributors helping build the medical clinic
  • Individual contributors for scholarships
  • Non Profit organizers
  • Education committee
  • Development committee
  • Fund Raising committees

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Health and Education for Nepal