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Health & Ed 4 Nepal is a non-profit 501c3 created to assist the dream of Jagat Lama: to develop

a self-sustaining medical hospital, and supporting  health and educational opportunities for his home community of Kumari, Nepal.

2021 Coronavirus life

With the coronavirus still impacting basic life needs we are committed to delivering programs and services to help the kumari region with health and educations services.

  • Food, Clothing and shelter assistance to those impacted by Covid virus difficulties.
  • Covid virus preparedness and emergencies as the Clinic, and medical Outreach for telemedicine.
  • Educational scholarships for Nepalis to continue their education.
  • Education funds to Kumari Elementary School
  • Foster Continuing Health Education Programs for Villagers.

Special Fund Raiser

2020 brought a few surprises

Covid 19’s impact on Nepal was sharp and painful.  In addition to the hard stop on tourism, large numbers of Nepali that worked outside of Nepal were laid off and sent home.  But an international epidemic, another earthquake, floods and landslides did not stop the work in the Kumari.  

  •  In the midst of worldwide shortages, Jagat found PPE equipment for the clinic and schools
    • Flood/Landslide relief – Food, Blankets, Clothing, Funds, Tin, Cement, 
    • Emergency care – Ambulance repair, Stretchers to carry the sick where there are no roads. 
  • Government designated the Kumari Clinic as the regional health center for the Belkotgadhi Municipality, and started a quarantine center at Kumari School
  • Working on the Mully model, Jagat opened a chicken farm to support the clinic www.facebook.com/jagat.lama/videos/10158484888663536 
  • The Clinic opened a “Birthing Center” where many babies have been born.
  • Clinic reports over 400 patients a month
  • In March a brave team went to Nepal to work on the internet and teach use of “Braces & Splints” and common injury rehabilitation.  The team barely made it out before the airport shut down. (Link to Tom’s first video www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZLiqfbA0Mo&list=PLaReM_RtS9BxhvMbcvTyOA4Iz3WNsnzIM 
    •  Medical team – Doug McKeag, Ian McKeag, Aubrey Bridges, Eric Speck
    • Internet team – Tom Lasseter, Chris Wescott

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Health and Education for Nepal