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Health & Ed 4 Nepal purpose was to assist the dream of Jagat Lama: to develop a self-sustaining medical hospital, and supporting health and educational

opportunities for his home community of Kumari, Nepal.


After an amazing journey lasting these past 16 years, and the accomplishment of life changing projects and initiatives for the people of Kumari, the Board of Health & Ed 4 Nepal has determined that we will no longer be in a position to provide funding and logistical support to the Kumari People in Nepal. Changes in life situations and residence of various members has also played a factor in our decision. All of us will, individually, continue to be keenly aware of and involved with the efforts headed by Jagat Lama for the continued support of the Kumari Region. We invite all of you to continue to follow their progress, and where able to participate in their journey. We have listed below some of the avenues available to keep in touch, and to communicate directly with Jagat Lama and keep involved where you can. Accordingly, we will no longer be accepting directly to Health & Ed 4 Nepal, donations.”


Heath and ed 4 Nepal provided funds that helped Jagat Lama provide the following service to the Kumari area.

  • Women’s Coffee coop funds
  • Emergency food assistance program
  • Low-income medical needs support
    • High Schools 8-12 Class – Scholarships
  • Elementary Schools 1-8 Class Scholarships
  • Shree Bikash School – clean water system
  • Non-government Teacher’s salary support
  • School stationeries
  • Medical Scholarship – Nursing and Pharmacy
  • Upper education Scholarships
  • School Computers


Health and Education for Nepal