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Health & Ed 4 Nepal is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation created to assist the dream of a Nepalese guide,  Jagat Lama: to develop a self-sustaining medical facility and supporting educational opportunities for his home community in Kumari, Nepal.  Since its inception in 2009,  Health & Ed 4 Nepal has made great strides to improve the plight of the Tamang tribe in Kumari.  In the picture captions are some of our accomplishments so far:

A big thanks to all those who helped with Water Project: water pipe

Land with water has been purchase and activity to bring purified water to both the school and Clinic is underway by Blue Elephant.   to Further the use of the water a cantina  is proposed for the school.   Additional funds would be used toward a cantina.

One year after the Nepal Earthquake school 8

On April 23-25, 2016  one year after the earthquake on April 23,2015 the new school will be opened at Shree Bikash Lower Secondary School , Kumari-5 Nuwakot.    Thanks to “Trekking for kids partnering with Health and Ed 4 Nepal”  providing funds and Kumari people providing the will to rebuild.clinic rebuild 4

  • The Clinic has been rebuilt
  • The Mothers center has been rebuilt mother center 1
  • Food, blankets, tarps,  and medical supplies have been supplied to thousands of families.
  • Building materials for hundreds of families.
  • Road repaired

Still to be done:

  • Micro loan center, staff shelter, kitchen, rebuilt
  • School fence and retaining wall.
  • Additional rooms for the school to be built

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