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Health & Ed 4 Nepal is a non-profit, tax exempt corporation created to assist the dream of a Nepalese guide,  Jagat Lama: to develop a self-sustaining medical hospital, improving the health, and supporting educational opportunities for his home community in Kumari, Nepal.  Since its inception in 2007,  Health & Ed 4 Nepal has made great strides to improve the plight of the Tamang tribe in Kumari.  In the picture captions are accomplishments  by your donations so far:

A big thanks to all those who helped with Water Project: water pipe

Donation have purchased Land with water rights.   Blue Elephant Inc. is bringing purified water to both the school and Clinic. Your additional funds will build a cantina for food at the school.

One year after the Nepal Earthquake school 8

On April 23-25, 2016  one year after the earthquake on April 23,2015 workers rebuilt the school, Shree Bikash Lower Secondary,  Kumari-5 Nuwakot.     Additional donations will help in building the next phase of additional class room’s.  clinic rebuild 4

  • Contractors rebuilt the Clinic and the Mothers training center.
mother center 1
  • Jagat crew provided Food, blankets, tarps,  and medical supplies to thousands of families.
  • Building materials for hundreds of families.
  • Road repaired
  • Micro loan center, staff shelter, and kitchen have been rebuilt.

Work still needed in Kumari-5

  • Cantina at school
  • Medical out reach program
  • Internet doctor
  • Secondary school is still destroyed
  • loans for primary and advanced education opportunities

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Health and Education for Nepal