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Health & Ed 4 Nepal is a non-profit 501c3 created to assist the dream of Jagat Lama: to develop

a self-sustaining medical hospital, and supporting  health and educational opportunities for his home community of Kumari, Nepal.

2018 Brings dramatic changes in Kumari

  • Clinic activities
    • Health and Ed 4 Nepal has teamed up with Dr. Bernhard Fassl and received a joint grant to improve the Clinic services.
    • The clinic made improvements that broadened the service’s and quality of the care at the clinic.
    • Doctor and two licensed nurses added to the staff.
    • X-ray and sonogram have been installed
    • Equipment and training provided to implement a Birthing Center.
    • “Reach out” program to the community with an “awareness and education” program.
    • WiFi was installed at the clinic and several local health outposts giving the remote locations access to medical assistance from the clinic
  • Internet infrastructure
    • Grant from HE4N established a internet infrastructure from Kathmandu to Kumari.
    • Established WiFi capabilities to the clinic, school and remote health sites in several villages.

  • Education
    • Shree Bikash Lower Secondary school
      • Completed 3rd Phase of School added 4 additional rooms.
      • Installed and setup computer classroom with 30 computers and internet access for adult and Student education.
      • Established as a Center of Excellence
      • Assisted Trekking for Kids in finishing Cafeteria furnishing
    • Scholarships for education

2019 brings many opportunities for health and Education in Kumari

  • 2019 health focus is on:
    • sustainability of clinic (donors have agreed to match donations made in 2019 up to $2500 to match this program)
    • health outreach programs.
    • extending internet to provide sustainability funds for Health and Education
  • 2019 education focus is on:
    • Center of Excellence (donors have agreed to match donation made in 2019 up to $3000 towards this program).
    • extending education opportunities for the 8th through 12th grades.
    • School nutrition program
    • Scholarships and micro loans for education and income opportunities.

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